Apr 30, 2019

2019 Logo Trends

For some, it may seem like a logo is an insignificant part of a business. Consumer’s eyes glance over them and it appears as if they never even notice. But something happens inside our brains every time we see one. It is part of our nature to find patterns in everything we do. We’re hardwired that way, so even though it appears that the logo is not as important as the words you print on the page if you want the consumer to identify with your business, you need to make sure that you have a well thought out logo design.

Logo trends

Logo trends are not static but will often change with time. So, identifying the trends in logo designs is key for helping you to find the right logo for your company. There are many different elements that come into play, so it is not always easy to determine what is really trending when it comes to logos. Being able to recognize them can help you to design something that will be right in line with what’s working and avoid spending too much time on what is not.

Of course, it can be very difficult to look into the future to determine what will be trending in the coming months and years, but a look backward may give you a glimpse as to which logos are establishing a footing that will carry them forward in the coming years. Here are a few trends that seem to be poised to pick up even more steam this year.


The logos of recent years have sported a relatively simple design, absent of complex ornamentation but strong enough to give a powerful visual image. Even already existing brands are reworking already recognized symbols and opting for something that is much easier on the eyes.

The reasons for this change can vary depending on the company. Uber has recently gone through new logo design, predominantly to change their negative image after several controversial developments that impacted their company. On the other hand, other companies have simplified their logos just to give them a fresh new look. Whatever the case, the trend has been gaining speed over the last few years and there is no reason to believe that it won’t continue on throughout 2019.

Some companies may find they need to focus more on simplicity while another company may need a more responsive type. It depends on the nature of the company and the message they want to get across.

Another trend that seems to be gaining in popularity is what is called a responsive logo. This is a fully scalable logo designed specifically for the digital world. These logos behave differently depending on how the viewer accesses them. For example, if you were to find a logo in your email inbox, you might see an icon in the upper right corner that is a little different from the same logo when it appears in a business account. Responsive logos will change based on how it is accessed, what tools you use, or even the size of the screen you view it on.

When simplicity is not relevant, the logo ideas seem to be trending towards a more natural aesthetic. These tend to be more rustic and down to earth in their designs, focused more on what the company stands for rather than for its connection and use of modern technology. This trend is more popular with companies that are concerned with a good public image that reflects honesty and sincerity in what they do. They may have a strong presence in the digital world, but they are more interested in being identified for their authenticity. Organic food retailers and other natural food brands often make use of this type of logo design.

To show this authenticity, many companies are using custom typefaces that are unique to them. While there is more cost associated with this type of logo, it is definitely a means of setting themselves apart from everyone else.

In reality, there is no one trend that has cornered the market when it comes to logos. Some companies may find they need to focus more on simplicity while another company may need a more responsive type. It really depends on the nature of the company and the message they want to get across. To determine which logo ideas will work best with your business, it will take some internal reflection and some external research. Once you are able to match your goals with the public’s expectations, you’ll find the right logo to get your message across and you’ll be in sync with the newest trends emerging in 2019.