+ Shifting Your Brand Perception
Brand Therapy new eposide about brand perception

In this episode of Brand Therapy, Rudy Manning, and our Creative Art Director at Pastilla Inc, Youna Jang, hone in on brand perception. Providing perspective on what it is and how to change it.

There are several reasons or events that might catalyze evolving a company’s brand perception. But when that moment comes, what do you do?

In this discussion, Rudy and Youna break down specific cases that highlight both the elements and effort required to meet this strategic challenge. Showing that a shift in audience perception is often far from random. It’s planned. And it’s executable.

Take a listen to gain helpful insights that will keep you thriving as you engage your clients in 2021.

About Brand Therapy:

In this series, Rudy examines branding challenges in the digital age and offers his ideas and perspective for entrepreneurs, CTO’s, and marketers that they might already be asking themselves. The mission is to provide a resource to our customers, with insights and ideas, and helpful tips in making decisions around branding and marketing in the digital space.