Big Wave Systems

In an effort to broaden and deepen its offerings, Warner Pacific worked with Pastilla to design a new brand from the ground up, the result, an integrated mobile and desktop webapp called BigWave Systems. The problem being to fill the gap between health insurance carriers, brokers, and consumers in a more expansive and cohesive way. BigWave became the answer. Pastilla’s team served an integral role in building an integrated, multi-platform webapp system with the ability to automatically funnel new leads and notify brokers.


Branding & Identity

Systems Identity & Design Systems

Digital & Interactive Design

Websites / Mobile Apps

Positioning BigWave as the essential tool for brokers lead to the creation of a new brand identity system, UX/UI, intuitive app interface and app development. We guided the brand architecture strategy and focused on creating a simple user journey through responsive design and a sleek mobile interface.

The process began with using the existing UI of InfoWell as the foundation. We employed a level of high-design and sophisticated branding to create an intuitive, efficient, and trusted space for carriers and brokers to interact with their leads. The highly functional business app allows brokers to perform their job better and faster.

Since the app launched, BigWave has exceeded its goals by reaching thousands of brokers around the country. We are honored to partner with Warner Pacific Insurance as they continue to enter the digital age.