Evian & “Best of Me” Live Young

Evian’s “Live Young” campaign in partnership with the release of the Relativity Film “Best of Me” continued its water as one that can keep adults young at heart. Based on a Nicholas Sparks bestseller, ”Best of Me” features two high school sweethearts who return to their hometown to mourn the loss of a mutual friend. Fireworks ensue and a love story evolves. We developed the design and concept for Evian & Relativity Film’s co-branding partnership.



Marketing & Advertising

Campaign / Print / OOH

With Evian’s tagline being “Live Young”, it only made sense to capitalize on the young love shared between the films two main characters, as well as the youthful audience purchasing tickets. The scene used for our ad had a fresh, young look that resonated with the film’s audience. We also used this as an opportunity to highlight the luxurious quality of Evian water by making the image inside the bottle’s silhouette, clear and crisp, while the outside of the bottle became out of focus and blurred. Proving that only Evian water could serve such transparent and pure results. The ad was placed in the motion picture soundtrack packaging.