Microsoft Band Strategy& Development

The internal team at Microsoft set out to foster a new product line for the next generation of health enthusiasts. We teamed up with Microsoft and BlackOps to help research and develop the then unnamed & unbranded Microsoft Band. This project featured an altogether progressive notion to build one of the first smartwatches of its kind. We were involved from the initial inception of the band and helped name the product and find its position in the marketplace.

Our roles

Branding & Identity Systems

Identity & Design Systems

Marketing & Advertising

Launch Campaign / Print / OOH & Digital

Product Innovation

R&D / Concept / Positioning / Prototyping

With the integrated collaboration of all teams doing research, strategic thinking, branding, and design, we identified the band’s core marketable strengths to compete with its competitor. The close collaboration between everyone involved led to Microsoft producing and releasing the Microsoft Band. Our final designs, graphics, and ad concepts were featured in the Microsoft Band commercials.