Microsoft Surface Campaign

Since 1975, Microsoft has set the standard as the worldwide leader in software. After much anticipation, the software giant made the leap into hardware for the first time.


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Microsoft needed to signal to the world that they were a credible player in the tablet hierarchy and introduce the Surface tablet as its most innovative product yet. Our mission was to make noise in a way consumers had not experienced yet. Microsoft engaged Pastilla to introduce the tablet to the global market as the public eagerly awaited the tablets release.

Our strategy was to use the curiosity and wonder of street art to start the “buzz”.

Overnight, the layout framework of two large rectangles, one with dashed lines, appeared on the sides of buildings and sidewalks. Every week, a new visual aspect was added to the design, with the word “Surface” appearing next to an illustration of the Surface tablet’s keyboard, and finally, the Microsoft logo. The final concept was a stylized, graffiti/chalk art rendition of the Surface tablet. The outdoor illustrations appeared on walls and sidewalks in major metropolitan areas and covered billboards, subway stations & interiors, bus shelters and buses. The effect created a windfall of buzz throughout the tech and advertising communities.

Outcome: A successful campaign that went viral worldwide. The Microsoft street campaign generated massive buzz and became a successful viral teaser for the Surface tablet. Microsoft’s first batch of Surface tablets sold out in the U.S., officially leading the tech-giant into a new hardware based market with a bang.