Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Campaign

The success of the Microsoft Surface campaign prompted Microsoft to re-engage Pastilla for its Surface Pro 3 marketing campaign. The challenge was to utilize the momentum built by the previous Surface campaign to launch their newest tablet into a highly competitive market. Ready to leverage the design strengths of the Surface tablet, we focused our strategy on the product features. The Surface Pro 3 was faster, thinner, and lighter than any other product on the market.

Our roles

Branding & Identity Systems

Identity & Design Systems

Marketing & Advertising

Launch Campaign / Print / OOH & Digital

We came up with a slew of headlines that captured the products full capabilities, some of them being “The tablet that can replace your laptop” and “Powerful as a laptop, Lighter than air”. Following the Surface Pro 3 digital and print campaign, the tablet revenues grew by 117% to $888 million. The sophisticated design approach and understanding of the target audience interests led to a formula Microsoft will continue to use in its growing hardware portfolio.