SAP | 49er’s Scouting App

SAP is a multinational software corporation that helps businesses streamline processes by measuring live data and customer trends. In 2013, they launched AppHaus, the co-innovation space designed for exploring new consumer apps. SAP AppHaus set out to bring simplicity to the arduous and exciting NFL scouting process. Pastilla joined forces to design the app that would help the San Francisco 49ers’ scouts, trainers, executives and general managers make informed decisions on whether to draft, claim, trade or cut players.

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Scouts spend hundreds of hours searching for and gathering player data. Everything from medical reports to workout reports and individual player stats is placed in a complicated system of record.

This presented an exciting opportunity for AppHaus and Pastilla to streamline the collection process into a single fully functional screen.

We worked closely with SAP AppHaus to provide the design, user and visual interface concepts, and finally into production. Scouts expressed frustration with the dark palette on their current system,

leading us to a bright and dynamic final design. The design was built simple to bring the data to the forefront with clarity and ease.