Bella Wang Joins Pastilla Full-Time as a UX/UI Designer

+ Bella Wang Joins Pastilla Full-Time as a UX/UI Designer

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Writer: Sanela Ciubotaru Kurtek

Editor: Viri Serrano

Designer: Lena Jeong

Pastilla is pleased to announce that Bella Wang has joined our team full-time as a UX/UI designer.

Bella started working for Pastilla as a contractor in September 2021. In the past year, she worked on a number of design projects with our team, proving her graphic design abilities, attention to detail, and excellent collaboration skills. That is why Pastilla is excited to announce that she joined our team full-time in November 2022!

As a UX designer at Pastilla, Bella conducts user experience research, creates wireframes and prototypes, and designs engaging websites and user interfaces. She also cooperates with developers and designers to deliver user-friendly digital solutions for our clients.

Bella holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interactive Arts and Technology and has over four years of experience in UX and graphic design. Before joining Pastilla, she interned for a small design agency in Vancouver and later worked as a lead designer on a sustainable web application project.

“The work I do makes me very happy. I am passionate about problem-solving, so I look forward to taking on more challenges in the future,”

At the age of 15, Bella immigrated to Vancouver, B.C., with her family from Taipei, Taiwan. The fact that she barely knew any English at the time did not deter her from adapting quickly to the new environment. Frustrated by her inability to communicate, Bella worked hard and became fluent within a year. She demonstrates this dedication and willingness to go the extra mile in her work. Bella’s tenacity, passion, and drive for creating creative and innovative website solutions embody Pastilla’s core values, and we’re happy to have her on board.

Welcome to the team, Bella!