Tyron Akal Joins Pastilla As New Account Manager

+ Tyron Akal Joins Pastilla As New Account Manager

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Writer: Dejan Kvrgic

Brown hair man with a smile. Account Manager - Tyron Akal

As part of this effort to grow and expand our team and introduce new perspectives, Pastilla is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Tyron Gerard Akal, who will join us as the new account manager.

Tyron joined our team in early September 2021. As part of his new job role here at Pastilla, he will be responsible for managing different accounts, acting as the main point of contact, developing differentiation strategies, and leading brand strategy projects.

Most importantly, he will contribute to building long-lasting, meaningful customer relationships and improving customer experience as a whole.

He comes to us with more than seven years of experience in brand strategy and copywriting for numerous branding agencies and four years of hands-on experience as an account manager for an LA-based branding agency. He also adds writing two scripts for television stations in Africa to his list of professional achievements.

Beyond the work he’ll do for Pastilla, Tyron is also a huge fan of sports – he’s particularly drawn to soccer and tennis – and a self-proclaimed horror film junkie.

We are delighted to welcome Tyron to Pastilla’s team. Even more so, we’re excited to see how he will apply his experience, knowledge, and brand strategy mindset to help us grow and meet our goals – and ultimately, improve our clients’ overall experience.

With that said, Pastilla invites you to join us in extending a very warm welcome to Tyron as the newest addition to our growing team of experts. We’re excited about what’s to come!