Viri Serrano Joins Pastilla As New Communications Coordinator

+ Viri Serrano Joins Pastilla As New Communications Coordinator

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Writer: Dejan Kvrgic

Our agency’s greatest asset is our team – and we’re always delighted to see it grow.

That’s why Pastilla’s pleased to announce that we’ve welcomed another member to our growing team with the recent hiring of Viri Serrano, who will be joining us as the new Communications Coordinator. 

As part of her new role, she’ll be in charge of coordinating content for social media, newsletters, websites, articles, and external sites and creating – and maintaining – a strategic social media calendar. Managing an active presence and ensuring ongoing engagement for Pastilla will be part of her key social media responsibilities.

Viri Serrano comes to us with a relatively short – but no less eventful – professional background, beginning her internship journey three years ago, in 2019. Since then, she’s interned for three different companies – DoStuff, Vanquish Media Group, and Glen Keane Productions – where she had the opportunity to learn more about the process of creating and managing social media content. 

In 2021, Viri received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Marketing, with a Minor in Film and Media Studies. Throughout these social media and marketing internships, she’s had a chance to explore and work within various industries – including lifestyle, music, non-profits, film, and animation – creating and executing social media marketing strategies and telling brand stories that resonate with audiences.

These internships only reinforced Viri’s belief that pursuing a career in the marketing field is the right course of action. Viri describes herself as someone who wants to have fun in everything they do – whether it’s work-related or not – and strives always to keep the mentality that makes her look forward to taking on new projects. 

Given her previous experience and passion for marketing and exploring creative and compelling ways to connect with audiences on social media, we are confident that Viri will be a fantastic addition to our team. 

We invite you to join us in extending a heartfelt welcome to Viri Serrano as Pastilla’s new Communications Coordinator!