+ Your name is the gateway to your brand

Pastilla’s internal naming process has been built over years of expert brand development, successfully creating names in a variety of industries.


Validated By Research

Pastilla’s discovery process learns in-depth insights about your audience needs, before launching forward to create a name that aligns with their key emotional drivers. Not only that, we also get feedback from your audience through focus groups, ensuring that our naming options resonate with them.

Our Creative Approach

We ensure that our team goes beyond the obvious choices, and beyond our own personal preferences, by creating names in several different categories. Utilizing the brand strategy as a guide, our team digs deeper within ideas to discover those intriguing concepts that align with your brands core emotional drivers. We discover hundreds of unique and independent names inspired by your brand in the process.

Bringing It Home

Pastilla presents you with the top rated naming options and partners with you in the trademark process to ensure that you move forward in confidence, with the right name for your brand!

Pastilla Services

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Disrupt the status quo. Breathe new life into your brand. Place seamless customer experiences across each channel and touchpoint at the core of everything you do and secure a competitive edge. We can give you that unfair advantage and make your brand’s story a memorable one.
Brand Strategy

We work together with you to identify what defines your business. Creating a unique position and personality that becomes the base for making successful decisions.

Design Services

Attention spans have decreased to a mere 8.25 seconds. And getting a slice of that is only getting harder. We’ll produce content for your brand that commands attention across all mediums.


Whether it’s your audience, your content, or your delivery. Our strategic approach leverages excellent copy to build a foundation for connections and experiences.

Custom Development

Your brand deserves a thoughtful approach that values your quality over expediency. Get custom development that sets you up for success and gives you the unfair advantage over your competitors.

Marketing Strategy

Your business deserves better than a one-size-fits-all marketing. We’re here to think outside the box, not shove you into one.