+ Adam Pardel

Head of EU Operations

Adam Pardel is the Managing Director at Kremsa Digital, a company he co-founded with Daniel Kremsa in 2005. Before that, he worked as a PHP/MySQL developer in various agencies, including iCubeStudio and Progress Promotion. Since establishing Kremsa's Slovakia office in 2006, Adam has played a pivotal role in managing the company and spearheading its business development efforts.

During his early years at Kremsa, he also managed various US projects, such as the Pepsi Max Tattoo microsite, the Budweiser app, The 300 movie microsite, and the Heroes Season 1 microsite. Currently, he is primarily responsible for sales and account management for the company's Slovakian clients. When not working, he enjoys cooking, playing video games on PC and PS5, watching movies and TV shows, and going on beach vacations.