Audience Research: Capturing the Spirit of the City of Corona

+ Audience Research: Capturing the Spirit of the City of Corona

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Writer: Kaitlin Hook

Editor: Viri Serrano

How do you capture the soul of a brand?

You go straight to the source. For our partners in the City of Corona, that’s the community. People are the DNA of a city brand. In order for a rebrand to be successful, it should represent the heart of its people. The more stakeholders feel connected to the brand, the more they will internalize it and become future ambassadors.

Collaborating with the City to conduct multiple one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and thousands of survey responses, gave us insight into the beliefs of residents and visitors. We talked with real people to uncover what the future holds for the new brand:

We had 2,200 people show up to participate across 12 research environments. This included community workshops and pop-up events that brought awareness to the rebrand, which involved fun and engaging activities that were both insightful and community-building.

“The Community is the soul of a city. The People are the DNA.”

– Rudy Manning: Founder and Creative Director at Pastilla

The result of the process was a clear path forward, to position Corona uniquely and authentically for the future success of the city.

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