+ Kaitlin Hook

Sr. Account Manager

Kaitlin is the Senior Account Manager at Pastilla, where she leads account management and strives to drive creative collaboration and entrepreneurial business thinking. Before joining Pastilla, Kaitlin produced integrated accounts at a niche brand experience agency focused on tech startups and drove strategic communications and marketing campaigns for a portfolio of social impact ventures bringing in $23M annually. At Pastilla, Kaitlin partners with the City of Los Angeles, the Mayor's Office, the Housing Authority of Los Angeles, Amtrak, and Cedars-Sinai Hospital to develop and launch impactful brand initiatives.

In her free time, Kaitlin volunteers with Reading to Kids, a nonprofit that promotes literacy throughout LAUSD schools and likes to explore the outdoors with her husband. As an avid Stan Lee fan, she's watched all movies in the Marvel franchise more than once.