Pastilla is The 2021 Clutch Top Design Company In California

+ Pastilla Gets Verified By The Digital Agency Network


Writer: Dejan Kvrgic

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We are proud to announce that Pastilla Inc. has been verified by the Digital Agency Network (DAN) – a global network that focuses on collaboration, business support, knowledge sharing, and exploration of leading digital marketing agencies worldwide.

By becoming verified by the Digital Agency Network, Pastilla earned recognition for our team’s efforts and expertise in all things creative, marketing, and technology.

Pastilla Inc. is a data-driven digital agency that has been in the digital marketing game, setting brands up for digital success in the modern age since 2004. We have always been lead by one straightforward goal:

Delivering unique digital experiences driven by data and fueled by everyday connections – and giving our clients the unfair advantage.

Combining creativity and analytical thinking was the foundation of our agency’s policy – and has remained our primary objective to this day.

We are committed to connecting brands to their audiences by employing our curiosity and agility to build, shape, launch, and optimize brand experiences that prioritize genuine connections and storytelling.

Being verified by the Digital Agency Network further reinforces our position in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

About Digital Agency Network

Digital Agency Network (DAN) is an all-in-one platform dedicated to discovering the best digital marketing agencies in the world.

DAN is on a mission to support the digital marketing industry as a whole.

Their efforts to enhance intelligence and expertise, boost reach, and increase the effectiveness of digital agencies, digital-focused companies, and individual marketers through the use of their online platform, events, training, and expert consultancy are making waves across the industry.

Given that DAN’s website traffic hits more than 295,000 monthly visits, 90% of which come from organic search results, a DAN membership can offer digital marketing agencies some immense opportunities for further growth, including:

Getting discovered and attracting new business
Showcasing previous work and sharing case studies for digital PR and SEO benefits
Attracting new and talented team members on DAN’s Job Board

DAN is a leader when it comes to supporting business growth and scaling up digital agencies, featuring a long line of carefully selected marketing and advertising agencies that showcased expertise in creating stellar digital experiences.

You can learn more about DAN here.

All member agencies featured on Digital Agency Network are considered market leaders in their respective countries, have impressive, high-quality portfolios and case studies of their previous campaigns, and have earned awards for their creativity and achievements in the industry.

Pastilla is proud to earn its spot on the Digital Agency Network platform as one of the leaders in the industry among more than 3,300 other member agencies in 117 cities worldwide featured on DAN.

Getting verified as one of the industry leaders in the realm of digital marketing is a tremendous honor for our team. It proves that the unfair advantage we promise our clients as part of all our digital services is there – and that it yields fantastic results.