Pastilla Receives Honorable Mention At The First Annual Pantheon Lightning Awards

+ Pastilla Receives Honorable Mention At The First Annual Pantheon Lightning Awards


Writer: Dejan Kvrgic

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Pastilla is proud to receive Honorable Mention in The Impact Award category at the first annual Lightning Awards and earn recognition for our collaboration with the HFPA on the redesign and development of the Golden Globes Website.

Pantheon, the first-class SaaS-based WebOps platform for marketing and development teams, announced its first annual Lightning Award winners. Their first-ever customer awards seek to acknowledge and highlight leading organizations using the Pantheon WebOps platform to create innovative digital experiences that make a real impact and drive meaningful results.

Collaborating with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), globally renowned for the annual Golden Globes Awards ceremony, Pastilla led the digital redesign and development of the Golden Globes website.

Pastilla developed a data-backed strategy and fully redesigned the Golden Globes website with a mobile-first approach, focusing on a user-focused digital experience while still paying homage to HFPA’s identity as a philanthropic publishing enterprise. The minimal black aesthetic that evokes a modern – almost cinematic – feel is complemented by strategically reimagined and intuitive design, rounding out the user’s website experience.

Award Categories

Winners and honorable mentions were selected among WebOps teams across the globe, within organizations of all types and sizes, in five award categories. Please visit the 2021 Pantheon Lightning Awards for more information.

2021 WebOps Team Of The Year & The Trailblazer Award

Covenant House by Kanopi Studios

For the team that improved all aspects of its WebOps practices the most during 2020, showing operational agility, transformative response, and delivering top-notch digital experiences in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Honorable Mention Award Winner: Kenmore Cares – Pandemic Response by COLAB.

The Impact Award

New Relic Website by New Relic

For the organization that exemplifies relentless focus on the site visitors’ experiences and real-time collaboration, meeting business goals and successfully deploying multiple major project milestones.

Honorable Mention Award Winner: Golden Globes Website by Pastilla Inc.

The Mover & Shaker Award

Pimento Relief Services by Clockwork

For the organization that best applied and leveraged the capabilities of the Pantheon WebOps platform to create, support, and scale a social movement online.

Honorable Mention Award Winner: The COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project: Capturing History in Real-Time by Mediacurrent

The Innovation Award

Provus by Promet Source

For the customer who developed an innovative marketing technology (Martech) stack with the Pantheon WebOps platform.

Honorable Mention Award Winner: Travel Nevada Website by Noble Studios

The Community Advocate Award

Anna Mykhailova of Kalamuna

For the community member who showcased consistent passion and dedication, commendable problem-solving skills, and has been a positive influence on the open web community.

Honorable Mention Award Winner: AmyJune Hineline of Kanopi Studios.

About The 2021 Pantheon Lightning Awards

The awards recognize the world’s best WebOps leaders for creating web experiences that drive meaningful results. The award selection committee consisted of the open web and industry experts, Pantheon executives, as well as members of Pantheon Heroes, Pantheon’s customer advocacy program.

“These awards highlight how our customers and agency partners are embracing WebOps to drive web and design strategies that achieve extraordinary progress toward their company’s mission.”
– Josh Koenig, Pantheon Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

For more information regarding the Lightning Awards categories, their judging body, and prizes, click here.