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Website Re-Design, & Development for The Golden Globes.


The HFPA came to us seeking a fully-redesigned website for the Golden Globes that would better entice and engage their global audience. Collaborating closely with the HFPA’s digital content team from discovery through implementation, we developed a data-backed strategy that thoughtfully captured the heart of their identity as a philanthropic, publishing enterprise in a user-focused digital experience.

The elevated look is complimented by intuitive design, as each and every page has been strategically reimagined and reframed to support their goals, both on mobile and desktop.

With over 60% of the site’s users coming by way of mobile devices, it was imperative to build the site using a mobile-first approach. The new content hierarchy, design approach, and minimal black aesthetic were developed primarily for mobile to ensure that the Golden Globes remains modern, relevant, and accessible.

Golden globe awards website
Golden Globes website mockups
Golden Globes website mockups

The site’s mechanics have also been overhauled to cater to their visitors’ needs, including high-end updates to the search function, new live-show interactive components, and a brand new Awards Database to make the Golden Globe’s own history more accessible.

The improved search function boasts a new filter and trending content features, now highlighting stories more relevant to the user’s queries and providing a seamless user experience. The newly developed profile pages provide a well-rounded experience, complete with the latest photography, Golden Globe award history, and a catalog of articles about the user’s favorite movies, television series, and celebrities.

Golden Globes website mockups

The new Awards Database honors the HFPA as a distinguished publishing enterprise by transforming the site into an easily-searchable directory of past winners & nominees, elevating their site from a disorganized catalog to an intuitive central hub for all Golden Globes archives.

With the Golden Globes going remote in the time of Covid, a robust digital experience became even more critical.

Newly integrated interactive touchpoints now round out the user’s website experience during red carpet and nomination live streams hosted on the site, allowing the audience to further submerse into the Golden Globes experience.

Collaborating with the HFPA to rewrite their brand guidelines, the new design pays homage to the Golden Globes’ timeless and elegant style. By replacing the white space with a brilliant black, we’ve evoked a cinematic feel that features the award’s cherished gold.

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