+ Development Services

Driven To Deliver
When it comes to high-end development we don’t forget about the basics. Delivering on time, on budget, and per scope. It’s what we’ve done for over a decade.

Our Development services

+ Discovery & Prototypes

We collaborate with you to create a foundational strategy. Moving from abstract ideas to concrete solutions that make your business better.

+ Custom Development

Your brand deserves a thoughtful approach that values your quality over expediency. Get custom development that sets you up for success and gives you the unfair advantage over your competitors.

+ e-Commerce Websites

Whether you’re selling a single one-of-a-kind product or a thousand everyday products. We’ll help you launch your online shop and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

+ Hosting Services

Whether it’s an e-shop, website, or blog, our expert team provides you with the speed, security, and support you need to maximize your website’s performance.

+ Mobile App Development

Ever notice that once you use an app you like, you stop searching for similar services online? Your clients do the same. Become their go-to service before they ever click or go online.

+ Blog Websites

We’ll help you create a blog, increase your visibility, and speak directly to your audience. Because it’s not just what you sell, but what you write that matters.


Solid Foundation

Our work is based on industry standards that are documented and reusable.

Delivered On Time

Planning for the unexpected and communicating clearly when a situation changes allows us to meet deadlines but not rush the results.

We Stay On Budget

With solid data, transparency, and consistent communication our process is designed to achieve your business goals without compromising your budget.

Deliver Per Scope

We keep decision makers in the loop one standup at a time, one sprint at a time to eliminate surprises.

The 13-year partnership is marked by high-quality development work that’s led to mobile conversions and a 10% YoY growth rate.

man with mask swimming underwater
+ Kelp Tree

A Digital Product Spellbound by the Seas

+ The ocean is a vast world unto itself very similar to the mostly underserved scuba diving market. For divers seeking new ways to explore the ocean and a centralized marketplace, the options are minimal. Kelp Tree sought to modernize this process and enlisted Pastilla to design the digital product from the ground up.
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Pastilla Services

+Pair with

Your site is a digital storefront and the hub of your online presence – and we will treat it as such. From design and user experience to branding and marketing, we’ll use what you have and build what you don’t, leveraging proven tactics to drive results.
Brand Strategy

We work together with you to identify what defines your business. Creating a unique position and personality that becomes the base for making successful decisions.

UX/UI Services

We’ll help you create a digital user-experience that bridges the divide between brand and customer. Enabling them to effortlessly engage with your mission, story, or products.

Marketing Strategy

Your business deserves better than a one-size-fits-all marketing. We’re here to think outside the box, not shove you into one.

Design Services

You’ve got less than the time it takes to read this to captivate your audience. Our team produces quality creative that’s designed to do just that.