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Grow Your Revenue
Whether you’re selling a single one-of-a-kind product or a thousand everyday products. We’ll help you launch your online shop and deliver an outstanding customer experience.



We give you the setup you need to give your customers a smooth, safe and personal shopping environment.

Always On

Say goodbye to closing hours, personnel shortages, or shutting down for pandemics. Nothing stops an e-commerce store from making sales all day, everyday.

Local or Global

Your e-shop is accessible to anybody, from those around the corner, to those around the world. Giving you the power to find ideal customers, instead of hoping they’ll stumble upon you.

Easy to Use

With an eShop, we provide all the tools you need in a clean platform that is easy to use, improves your strategy, and mitigates waste to improve quality service.

They care about their work, our deadlines, and whether we as a client are happy with their performance.

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Transform Your Blog Into a Shop
We will utilize the unlimited features of Woocommerce to create a professional e-commerce site that’s personalized for your business.

The All-in-One Solution
With Shopify we’ll help you create an online store, manage your products, and handle orders all within a single dashboard with one of their monthly packages ranging from basic to advanced.

Handle The Demand
Magento is designed to deliver results for large online stores. We’ll harness it’s complex, but powerful system to develop a comprehensive e-Commerce platform that takes your business to new heights.

Pastilla Services

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Your work doesn’t end when you build an e-shop. In fact, it only begins. Our team provides services that are proven to achieve success and enable your e-commerce website to thrive.
Marketing Strategy

With e-Shop, it’s all about standing out in fast paced digital spaces. We provide smart advertising services that continually increase your market visibility and convert into profit for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

If you want your e-shop to show up in google search, you need the proper optimization. Our team uses data-driven strategies to keep your e-shop at the top of search results, without sounding lifeless.

Creative Services

Getting in front of an audience is one thing, gaining their interests is another. Whether it’s articles, infographics, or posts, we’ll design content that captivates your visitors and help create a strategy that keeps them coming back.

Hosting Services

High-traffic sounds like success, but it can quickly turn if your site freezes, stalls, or crashes. We’ll help optimize your speed and processing to keep your operations smooth and your customers information protected.