+Kelp Tree

A Digital Product Spellbound by the Seas
Kelptree logo


The ocean is a vast world unto itself very similar to the mostly underserved scuba diving market. For divers seeking new ways to explore the ocean and a centralized marketplace, the options are minimal. Kelp Tree sought to modernize this process and enlisted Pastilla to design the digital product from the ground up.

The identity lives in a deep blue inspired by the ocean, the logotype holds true to the free flowing form of kelp.

Kelp Tree is a specialty web application created for the niche scuba diving world. Pastilla played a pivotal role in the development of the platform. On-demand reservations, purchasing, and selling of limited seats are now a seamless online process bringing dive boats and divers together.

Pastilla was commissioned to design the identity and web application development for an all new scuba diving platform called Kelp Tree. From the business model to brand strategy, logo design, app icon, and development of the MVP release, Pastilla worked closely with the app’s founders to build this digital product across all digital touch points.


Now Kelp Tree is a robust and powerful digital platform servicing small and large dive operations from end to end.