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Simplifying Health Insurance
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Our roles


Warner Pacific has served as a dominant corporation in the healthcare industry for the past 30 years. With the emergence of the Affordable Care Act, they risked losing relevance in a rapidly evolving marketplace. We were enlisted to create an identity for a new entity of Warner Pacific that would position them as the optimal choice for brokers.

Pastilla worked closely with the company to develop a brand identity that positions it to launch a series of technology tools for the health insurance sector.


The challenge was to fully transform the perception of Warner Pacific and create a new company as an extension of their larger brand.


Our branding and design system led to the successful launch of InfoWell. Warner Pacific now has a suite of tools developed within one simplified digital system and has recouped its investment in the design, branding, and launch of this innovative product suite.

We worked closely with Warner Pacific to redefine their core messaging and vision. We landed on the decision that Warner Pacific must transcend industry standards by encompassing a single, fundamental truth: “To simplify the health insurance process.”

We conducted research and developed the brand attributes, positioning, customer profiles, naming, strategy, design, and brand identity. By establishing a digital presence and cohesive brand, Warner Pacific now reflects its current strategic direction with InfoWell positioned as a leading technology company for the 21st century.