Unlocking Creative Careers for Multicultural Youth


MYCAD – Multicultural Youth in Creative Advertising and Design – is Ayzenberg’s program developed with the goal of introducing design and advertising to high-school-aged multicultural youth groups. Ayzenberg, an advertising agency, teamed up with our Chief Creative Officer, Rudy Manning to develop MYCAD program. Pastilla then set to build a strategic brand identity system that would capture their target demographic and encourage them to explore opportunities in design and advertising.

We were challenged with developing and executing the MYCAD logo mark and brand identity that could reflect both.

We’ve built and developed a comprehensive set of digital brand guidelines and clear messaging – not as a strict set of rules but as a design system that will guide future creators and be developed further to express the audience’s creativity. 

Pastilla had a clear vision for MYCAD’s new logo – to highlight the multicultural youth while still representing the individual.

MYCAD logo was designed to capture that essence and allow for expansion in terms of color combinations, shapes, and creative patterns.

This brand will be used to promote the program through local school districts, including Pasadena Unified School District, which already has been working on curriculum since Fall 2021.

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