+ Kiros Catering

Revamped Brand For a Southern California Catering Business
Animated logo of the company


Kiros Catering specializes in full-service catering, fine dining and special events spanning Orange County, Los Angeles. Whether it’s a corporate conference, an intimate evening soiree, or a festive celebration, Kiros Catering is ready to create an elegant experience for their customers.

Kiros Catering came to us to develop their high-end brand to better suit their vision of food being an art.

We gave their brand a new life through a new logo and identity system to be carried across their entire business. From menu design to presentations, proposals, and email marketing, we’ve helped flesh out the elegance of the Kiros brand. The dark green color reflects food as an integral component of nature, while gold is a representation of rich taste.

The challenge was the Kiros brand above the competition, while supplementing the elegance of their dishes.

Pastilla developed a brand strategy and identity system that clearly sets Kiros in their unique, competitive, high-end space.

The new identity can now be seen everywhere Kiros exists, including its Instagram account @KirosCatering and website, kiroscatering.com

Our work with Kiros is also featured in the Best Design Awards