Pioneering biotechnology product is renamed and rebranded.

Medical Technology Associates II, a biotechnology company, came to Pastilla looking for a new brand and website for its pioneering technology, a hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier solution.

The technology is moving through FDA approvals to be used in situations of traumatic blood loss, organ transplants, and veterinarian services.

Pastilla developed a name and identity for 8BioMed that successfully represents its innovative first-in-case healthcare technology to stakeholders and investors.

The name 8BioMed is rooted in the number 8. As well as being the atomic number for oxygen, 8 is also regarded as the luckiest number in Chinese culture, where 8BioMed has 2 offices.

The new identity elements, the blue hue, fluid liquid texture, and wireframe visual elements, represent the flow of oxygen through the body’s vital organs for life sustenance. This new identity and brand message became the foundation for the design implemented on 8BioMed.com.

8biomed logo mockup

MTA2 came to us seeking branding as they launched a new innovative solution to oxygen deprivation. The challenge was to build an identity that was compliant with FDA requirements and accessible to a non-medical audience.


We worked closely with MTA2 to successfully launch 8BioMed, creating an FDA compliant and visually-approachable brand identity from concept to deployment, including a new logo, name, identity system, and responsive website to attract talent and investors.
Abstract blue picture hanging on the white wall with title 8 Biomed
Blue building covered with windows and named 8 Biomed
Three people wearing white coats, gloves and goggles
The title 8 Biomed on white background
Young man with goggles in a factory
The title 8 Biomed on blue background

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