Pastilla is The 2021 Clutch Top Design Company In California

+ Pastilla is The 2021 Clutch Top Design Company In California


Writer: Dejan Kvrgic

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Every month, Clutch recognizes and awards the highest-performing companies that have excelled within their field, demonstrating exceptional ability to deliver high-quality work and commitment to quality and innovation.

Pastilla has done just that by developing, shaping, and providing experiences – from idea to implementation – that permeate everything digita

Today, we’re proud to announce that Pastilla has won the 2021 Clutch Top Design Company Award in California.

Clutch is a data-driven business platform that caters specifically to the B2B industry, offering in-depth client reviews, analysis of industry data and trends, and market insights to help navigate business buying decisions.

They stand out in the field due to their data-driven methodology, coupled with objective client feedback and market research, allowing them to rank service providers and provide a broad view of the top-performing businesses and solutions in a specific market. This system allows Clutch to verify the trustworthiness of the information being sent to them and helps them identify leading service providers within any given industry.

We’ve partnered with Clutch to prove ourselves as a top-notch, data-driven creative and marketing agency and validate our commitment to building and shaping brand experiences and providing exceptional service.

By the end of 2019, we’ve received our first review on Clutch from Frederick K.C. Price III Christian Schools, following a digital marketing campaign led by Pastilla.

“We keep retaining them because they’re a one-stop-shop—it’s great to have one firm that handles it all.”
– Lauren Hopkins, development coordinator for Price Schools

Since then, we went on to work on various branding and web design projects and marketing campaigns with equal success, earning several other stellar Clutch reviews.

The 8BioMed project is one we are particularly proud of – and it remains among the most memorable rebranding projects Pastilla worked on to date. Our team collaborated closely with Medical Technology Associates II, developing a new brand and identity system, as they prepared to launch their first-in-class hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier solution.

We would like to thank Clutch for acknowledging our team’s dedication to providing consistent quality and impeccable service and honoring us with this award.

However, it’s worth noting that Clutch’s criteria place the majority of the power directly in the hands of those who collaborated with the companies in their consideration pool by collecting industry data, case studies, and client testimonials.
The company’s client reviews, past work, market presence, and specialization form the bulk of their research efforts, which results in Clutch’s annual list of awardees.

It’s for this reason that we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of our clients who made this possible and helped us earn this award by leaving a review on Clutch.

Our team will use this achievement as motivation to meet – and exceed – the expectations that we’ve set for ourselves this year. More importantly, we will continue to work hard to reach this notable milestone again – and, hopefully, earn another Clutch award next year.

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