Tariq Mclean Joins Pastilla’s Team As New Account Manager

+ Tariq Mclean Joins Pastilla’s Team As New Account Manager

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Writer: Dejan Kvrgic

Pastilla is pleased to announce that we’ve welcomed another member to our ever-growing team of experts with the recent hiring of Tariq Mclean in Pastilla’s Account Services Department.

Tariq joined Pastilla as our new Account Manager on June 6, 2022. As part of his new role, he’ll act as the primary point of communication between our agency and our clients, facilitating and enabling close working relationships. Tariq will work alongside others throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring clear communication between all parties involved, and helping others meet the agreed-upon objectives, avoid any obstacles, and stay on budget. Ultimately, he will help us drive our projects all the way to the finish line. 

Tariq joins our team with a rich professional background, which includes multiple start-up creative and media agencies and media networks.He officially launched his career in marketing in 2016, when he joined Circle of One Marketing as the Administrative Marketing Assistant. From there, Tariq went on to work at Spectrum Reach, working alongside account coordinators and media planners. He joined Rescue soon after, in 2018, as a Jr Account Manager, where he assisted in launching tobacco-free campaigns that targeted multicultural youths in at-risk communities. 

Most recently, Tariq has worked at a small creative agency and production studio, where he led creative development for both small- and larger-scale campaigns and collaborated closely with the creative team, ensuring that all project deliverables were submitted on schedule and met – and even exceeded – expectations. And in his own words, Pastilla seemed like the next best step in his career, considering that he’s always been drawn to campaigns focused on health and lifestyle categories for the multicultural youth. We’re honored that Tariq acknowledged Pastilla’s strive to be a positive influence and a driving force for social causes – and recognized our agency as an environment where he could continue contributing to the campaigns that support local communities and propel them forward. 

As for his academic background, Tariq received a B.S. (Bachelor of Science) in Accounting and a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing – with a Minor in Advertising – in 2016 at the Florida Gulf Coast University. He then earned his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Florida in 2019. Given his educational background and extensive experience in creatively managing campaigns and day-to-day operational tasks and handling internal and external communication, we are confident that Tariq will be an invaluable asset to our agency. Even more so, we believe he’ll be someone who will contribute to enhancing Pastilla’s services even further. 

We’re honored to work alongside someone who shares our devotion to supporting the local communities and making a positive impact – and we hope that this next chapter in Tariq’s career also helps him grow as a professional. With that said, we invite you to extend a heartfelt welcome to Tariq Mclean as Pastilla’s new Account Manager!