+ Paid

Cut Through The Noise
Get your business and your message in front of your target audiences – no matter where they are.


Results fast

Organic reach might be the foundation, but paid media is what puts your business on a fast track to success. Gain instant visibility, engage with your ideal prospects, and drive revenue growth – fast.

Granular Targeting

Target, optimize, scale. Enhance performance and nurture meaningful connections with your customers at every stage of their journey through granular targeting, audience segmentation, and intent-based marketing.

Measurable Results

Assess and fine-tune your campaigns and take your advertising to the next level with up-to-date reporting and actionable insights into critical KPIs. Know where your marketing dollars go.

Fits any budget

We will discover flexible and cost-effective ways to maximize return on ad spend. Then we adjust your budget to ensure optimal campaign performance and meet your business goals.

They care about their work, our deadlines, and whether we as a client are happy with their performance.

Our paid marketing services

+ Integrations (poll + niche sites)

Go big by connecting with small audiences. We partner with niche sites to create meaningful engagement, keeping you relevant and providing valuable customer insights.

+ Pinterest Ads

Pinterest isn’t just for getting inspired. As Millennials’ preferred social media platform for shopping, we can use it to promote your brand, drive sales, and grow your reach.

+ Bing Ads

“Bing It” never really caught on. But we can leverage its platform to reach a new audience and increase your brand’s KPI by 10%. Don’t believe us? Bing it!

+ Instagram Ads

Don’t get buried under an endless stream of content. We’ll help you use Instagram to grow your audience and your KPI’s with targeted ads that appear directly in your customers’ feed.

+ Twitter Ads

Twitter is the live commentary to our fast-paced world. We’ll help you harness its power to make your voice heard as the world unfolds in real time.

+ Facebook Ads

Use Facebook to find your audience, become part of their conversation and grow your brand.

+ LinkedIn Ads

Market your brand to millions of motivated, tech savvy professionals. We’ll help you create targeted ads that generate leads on the world’s best B2B marketing platform.

+ Google Ads

We’ve mastered the art of reaching your audience on search, maps, youtube, or any other part of the Google Display Network.
Pastilla Services

+Pair with

You need a team that’s invested in your success and strives to propel you forward. We have the expertise to develop and implement custom, data-driven strategies that will amplify your brand’s message and contribute to your company’s bottom line.
Media Mix

We select channels based on our historical experience, test to find the best performers and put together a mix that generates the most profit.

Design Services

You’ve got less than the time it takes to read this to captivate your audience. Our team produces quality creative that’s designed to do just that.


Pastilla employs strategic copy across multiple channels, ranging from social media to thought leadership. Connecting you to your audience with stories that matter.

Custom Development

Your brand deserves a thoughtful approach that values your quality over expediency. Get custom development that sets you up for success and gives you the unfair advantage over your competitors.