Pastilla Talks Future Of Digital Marketing In Digital Agency Network’s eGuide

+ Pastilla Talks Future Of Digital Marketing In Digital Agency Network’s eGuide


Writer: Dejan Kvrgic

Last year, we had the pleasure of announcing that our digital agency, Pastilla Inc., has been verified by the Digital Agency Network.

Earning recognition for our expertise and dedication to delivering impactful digital experiences. And this year, we’re proud to be a part of their yearly eGuide.

Getting verified by DAN has further reinforced the role that our agency continues to play in the digital landscape and is a tremendous honor for us, proving that our efforts make a difference. But to be featured in their eGuide – along with other industry leaders and like-minded agencies – is a privilege in itself and a validation of the “unfair advantage” we promise to our clients.

Each year, the Digital Agency Network publishes an eGuide – an authoritative report discussing complex matters regarding digital marketing, where all of their partner agencies get to share their opinions and viewpoints on the issue at hand. 

This year’s edition of Digital Agency Network’s eGuide focused heavily on the general future of digital marketing. Furthermore, the discussion touched on where they see their own agencies moving forward and how they think communication and online marketing campaigns will change and evolve in the coming years. 

And as a featured agency in DAN’s directory, Pastilla had the opportunity to discuss these topics in this year’s eGuide – along with other industry leaders featured on Digital Agency Network. Pastilla’s marketing manager had the chance to talk a bit more about what the future of the online environment might look like, how it will evolve, and what these changes might mean for digital agencies and their clients. 

The digital landscape is a fast-paced and ever-evolving one; staying up-to-date with everything and keeping up with the trends is often more challenging than it seems. And that’s where an eGuide like this, with insights from 36 like-minded digital marketing leaders from all over the world, makes a genuine difference. 

The goal of this year’s Digital Agency Network’s eGuide is to: 

  • Allow you to benchmark your agency against your peers, now and in the future 
  • Learn more about the services and industries your peers are most likely to focus on
  • Explore outsourcing job opportunities and roles for the future 
  • Find out which roles within the industry might be displaced by automation 
  • Discuss how AI might affect the workflow of digital agencies 

About Digital Agency Network 

Digital Agency Network (DAN) is a platform dedicated to supporting the digital marketing industry, gathering the world’s leading digital agencies in one place, offering ample growth opportunities, boosting reach, and making waves across the industry.

If you’re interested in seeing what DAN’s featured agencies had to say about the future of the industry as a whole – and, more specifically, the digital agencies operating within it – you can do so by downloading the eGuide directly from DAN’s website. 

Fill in the form here, and you’ll receive The Future Of Digital Agencies eGuide for free. You’ll get exclusive access to insights and predictions about where the industry is headed in the near future – and that alone should be enough to get you excited.

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