Prioritizing Branding for Digital Product Design

+ Prioritizing Branding for Digital Product Design
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On our pilot episode of Brand Therapy, you’ll hear a conversation between Rudy Manning, our Co-Funder and CCO of Pastilla Inc., and Jean-Roux Bezuidenhout.

Rudy and Jean-Roux discuss “The Priorities in Branding of a Digital Product for it to Be Successful” and answer the question of “How and when to Prioritize Branding when launching an MVP product?”

Pastilla Co Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Rudy Manning, with Jean-Roux Bezuidenhout, breaks down the system they use to approach a startup’s branding engagement, particularly in tech. The priority in branding a digital product that’s MVP and what to do when you’re faced with prioritizing the branding over the product design.

About Brand Therapy:

In this series, Rudy examines branding challenges in the digital age and offers his ideas and perspective for entrepreneurs, CTO’s, and marketers that they might already be asking themselves. The mission is to provide a resource to our customers, with insights and ideas, and helpful tips in making decisions around branding and marketing in the digital space.