+ Marketing Services

Marketing done right
In today’s changing world, marketing is as much an art form as it is a skill. We take our time, understand your brand, communicate it and optimize for your key objectives across an ever increasing number of channels.

Our marketing services

+ Earned

Just because it’s earned doesn’t mean it’s out of your control. Discover creative ways to better position your brand for earned media opportunities, earn free publicity, and get the ball rolling – with no strings attached.

+ Paid

Get your business and your message in front of your target audiences – no matter where they are.

+ Owned

Earned and paid media are the pillars; owned media is the foundation. Double down on owned media as the foundational building block of your marketing mix – and watch it propel your brand forward on the road to success.


Share your Brand

You started an awesome brand. Now it’s time to let the right people know about it. Our marketing services do exactly that.

Connect & Learn

Through marketing we will not only engage with the existing and potential customers but also learn from them, making your brand stronger and more relevant.

Drive Sales

Reap the results of attracting and engaging the right users with the right content and turn them into paying customers.

They care about their work, our deadlines, and whether we as a client are happy with their performance.

Tie your laces
+ Comunity Made

Creating awareness for a brand that’s building a community

+ COMUNITYMade makes premium shoes, handcrafted locally that give back locally, to to the Los Angeles community. For every pair of shoes sold, a donation is given to a local community effort at the point of purchase. Pastilla partnered with Comunity to launch a digital marketing campaign to increase sales and engagement.
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Pastilla Services

+Pair with

We will partner up with you to develop a performance marketing strategy tailored to your brand, campaign goals, and long-term success. Our proven creative, tech and marketing process will elevate your brand and propel your business forward.
Brand Strategy

We work together with you to identify what defines your business. Creating a unique position and personality that becomes the base for making successful decisions.

Marketing Strategy

Your business deserves better than a one-size-fits-all marketing. We’re here to think outside the box, not shove you into one.

Creative Services

Pastilla’s comprehensive approach leverages data and creative storytelling. Crafting a targeted and insightful plan that resonates with your consumers and yields results.

Development Services

When it comes to high-end development we don’t forget about the basics. Delivering on time, on budget, and per scope. It’s what we’ve done for over a decade.