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Creating awareness for a brand that’s building a community
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COMUNITYMade makes premium shoes, handcrafted locally that give back locally, to to the Los Angeles community. For every pair of shoes sold, a donation is given to a local community effort at the point of purchase. Pastilla partnered with Comunity to launch a digital marketing campaign to increase sales and engagement.

Results from the digital ad campaign brought in a 34% increase in website traffic increased and 25% increase in online purchases.

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Comunity saw a gap in their online sales and overall site traffic and wanted to reach customers right away.


Pastilla started with digital advertising to reach new customers, optimized SEO opportunities and launched an internal brand campaign to reposition the brand in a stronger and more relevant way.

Over the course of a few months, a wave of new engagement and sitewide traffic led to a boost in sales and more inventory required to meet the demand.

+ Results

Site Traffic Increase
35 %
Revenue Increase
20 %
Organic Search Traffic Increase
17 %
Organic Search Revenue Increase
20 %