+ Price Christian Academy

“I’m Here” Music Video Campaign


Pastilla partnered with Price Schools in Los Angeles to create attention garnering content to further promote their K-12 college preparatory school to increase enrollment and engage the current student body. The blitz campaign was time sensitive and started with an engaging hip-hop music video, targeted postcards, radio commercials, and promoted content through digital marketing efforts.

The campaign built upon a hip-hop music video performed by the entire student body generated an immense response online.

Price school students cheerleaders

Our task was to find new ways to reach the same audience and bring about big results to reach both students and parents alike.


The answer was to elevate the content we previously created with a rare approach, creating an original music video featuring the entire student body.
Price school students music band
Price school students dancing

The music video & campaign efforts received a massive influx of support and shares online.

Price school students

+ Results

New Student Leads Increase from Previous Quarter
70 %
Site Traffic Increase from Previous Quarter
85 %
Digital Radio Ad Impressions
250 k
Video Views per Month
9 k

+ Awards

Gold W3 Award
Telly Award