+ Social Marketing

Stay Relevant Across Social Platforms
Our team will create, manage, and grow your presence across various social platforms. Strategically communicating with your target audience to grow a strong community around your brand.


Interact Directly With Your Audience

Go where your customers already are. Use social media to speak directly with consumers and generate real conversations amongst your followers.

Tell A Deeper Story

Consistent engagement enables you to deepen your story and strengthen the ties between consumers and your brand’s mission, vision, and values.

Learn What Your Followers Actually Like

Get your customers real feedback in real time. Use their profile data, likes and dislikes, and comments to sharpen your marketing strategy and improve your business.

Gain Their Trust

People buy from brands they trust. As you cultivate your brand culture on social media, you’ll gain the trust of new followers and the loyalty of longtime ones.

We keep retaining them because they’re a one-stop-shop —it’s great to have one firm that handles it all.

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Bring Ideas To Life. Watch Them Grow.
Brand followings aren’t built overnight. By blending organic and paid strategies, we interact with customers through ads and posts to achieve sustainable growth that will increase your brand value and drive sales.

Stay Engaged. Stay On Schedule.
In our fast-paced, value-driven culture, what you post and when you post it has never been more important. We’ll keep content on schedule and ensure your communication is engaging, on-brand, and builds authentic relationships across all your social platforms.

Anti tobacco campaign bus mockup
+ Pasadena Public Health

Youth Focused Anti-Tobacco Ad Campaign

+ The Pasadena Tobacco Control Program aims to protect and preserve the health and well-being of the Pasadena Community from the harmful effects of tobacco and tobacco smoke, especially among youth. The program works through prevention education and public policy promotion. The City enlisted Pastilla to capture their target demographic with high level creative concepts and compete with big tobacco marketing efforts.

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