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Campaign Starts a New Chapter for Price


Frederick K.C. Price III Christian Schools, affectionately known as “Price”, is a value- based, college preparatory school in Los Angeles. Fe Brand Films, our production partner, partnered with Price to create an inspirational brand film, which led to a robust digital marketing campaign led by Pastilla to help spread the word and increase enrollment.

We launched a digital marketing campaign to spread the word about Price and increase enrollment by the end of the school year.

Price School student and her mom smiling

On the brink of closing its doors, Pastilla set out to launch an immediate digital marketing blitz campaign to extend the school’s enrollment period and reach a hyper focused target audience through digital ads.


A blitz digital marketing campaign driven by compelling content from a documentary level promotional film, email marketing, and clear messaging reached hundreds of nearby families with school aged children.

Once nearly shuttering its doors due to low enrollment, the school is now thriving. With our efforts, they have rebounded from 147 enrolled students to 221.

Price School students in the classroom

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New Family Form Submissions
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