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Youth Focused Anti-Tobacco Ad Campaign
Anti tobacco campaign bus mockup


The Pasadena Tobacco Control Program aims to protect and preserve the health and well-being of the Pasadena Community from the harmful effects of tobacco and tobacco smoke, especially among youth. The program works through prevention education and public policy promotion. The City enlisted Pastilla to capture their target demographic with high level creative concepts and compete with big tobacco marketing efforts.

The idea was to compete for and capture the attention of African-American and Latino adults and teens in a sensational manner, and we did just that.

Anti tobacco campaign bus mockup
Anti tobacco campaign bus mockup

Combatting tobacco-related marketing that targets these communities had to be hard-hitting to leave an impact, the tobacco community was not going to stay quiet.?


With backing from the CDC and City of Pasadena’s Public Health Department, we took a direct and eye-catching approach with three separate ads tailored to each target audience to provoke conversation.

These ads were found throughout the city on transit ads, in bus shelters, on movie theater screens, at point-of-sale locations inside tobacco retailers, and through social media.

Anti tabAnti tabaco campaing mockup
Anti tabAnti tabaco campaing mockup
Anti tabAnti tabaco campaing mockup

A hyperlocal campaign message with a nationwide impact.

+ Results

TV Media Impressions
150 Mil
Print Media Impressions
11 Mil
Digital Media Impressions
425 K