The Benefits Of Facebook Ads For Your Business

+ The Benefits Of Facebook Ads For Your Business


Writer: Dejan Kvrgic

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The chances are that, as a modern-day marketer, you already have a hunch that Facebook ads can benefit your business in some way. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

But what are the benefits of Facebook ads? Or, to rephrase that, why should you care about setting up your ads campaign on Facebook?

To answer that, we’ll look at Facebook as a marketing platform and the numerous benefits of advertising on Facebook. Plus, we’ll discuss how your business can take advantage of them to achieve your goals!

Facebook Advertising For Your Business: 10 Benefits To Keep In Mind

Here’s how Facebook ads give your company an advantage at every stage of the sales funnel when included in your marketing mix.

1. Wide Customer Reach

As of 2021, Facebook has over 1.8 billion daily active users worldwide and continues to top the charts as the number one social platform. Given that Facebook reached such a massive audience – a staggering 59% of social media users – marketers can’t ignore its role in extending the company’s reach.

But with organic traffic on Facebook being almost non-existent, reaching potential customers on this social network could be an issue for many Facebook pages. Ads will boost your reach and target more customers than organic posts, especially with the Audience Network thrown into the mix.

2. Micro-Targeting Capabilities

Your target audience is already on Facebook; it’s only a matter of how deep you’re willing to dig to find your exact demographic. That’s where Facebook’s highly advanced targeting capabilities and the level of granularity you can achieve with it take center stage as some of the most compelling advantages of Facebook advertising.

You can micro-target people based on location, age ranges, gender, connections, behavior, interests, job title, and demographics. Beyond that, you can use tools like Lookalike Audiences to select a custom audience and reach “similar” people or layer multiple targeting features to narrow it down to the exact audience you’re looking to reach.

3. Facebook Ads Are Low Cost

In addition to the vast and varied targeting options, Facebook’s advertising platform – which follows the Pay-per-Click model – is also regarded as one of the most cost-effective marketing channels.

For marketers who are used to traditional advertising and search engines’ ad networks, such as Google Ads, the ability to stretch a limited budget with Facebook will come as a pleasant surprise. Put your ad spend, as limited as it might be, toward reaching your target audience and prepare to be amazed by the return on investment.

4. Ads Manager Offers Robust Analytics

Facebook’s Ads Manager gives you access to an extensive range of performance insights and metrics to measure your success. There’s no guessing; you’ll get a comprehensive, real-time performance report for every Facebook advertising campaign you run.

The extensive set of social metrics found in the “Insights” tab includes your weekly reach, likes, post engagement, best-performing posts. And with the help of Facebook Pixel, you’ll also be able to track your conversion rates.

5. Effective Remarketing Tools

Facebook remarketing allows you to target recent website visitors, people who expressed interest in your business or have previously interacted with your business page on Facebook.

This strategy relies on Facebook Pixel – a snippet of code integrated into your site – to target specific groups of Facebook users. Once installed, this tool allows you to tag and track your website visitors with an invisible pixel – or cookie – from Facebook.

You can target custom audiences and serve them relevant ads at various marketing funnel stages – from those still in the awareness stage to those ready to leave Facebook and transact.

6. Multiple Types Of Ads

Facebook advertising gives you access to a wide range of ad types – and some of them might not even be available on other paid channels. The fact that you’re not limited to specific types of ads and can play around with various visual elements is a benefit that underlines Facebook as one of the top social platforms for online advertising in terms of available ad options.

Depending on the target funnel stage, you can play around with simple solutions containing a single image or video, as well as dynamic formats, like Carousel and Collection.

7. Ad Campaign For A Specific Objective

Facebook offers marketers several advertising objectives split into three broader categories – Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion – allowing them to choose based on their business goals and the results they want to see with their ad campaigns.

You can create Facebook campaigns to increase website traffic, boost your brand awareness, drive post engagement on organic content, or lead generation. Whatever your advertising objectives might be, Facebook ads can be tailored to your specific goals.

That’s why, of all social media platforms, Facebook is perhaps the only one that can successfully cater to users at all stages of their engagement journey.

8. A/B Testing

Another advantage of Facebook’s platform worth considering here is the ability to do A/B – or split – testing. You can display ad variants within a single campaign to see what your audience responds to the most and what creative works best.

There are several ways to go about split testing on Facebook – mainly the Ads Manager and the Experiments tool – depending on the variables you want to test and where you create the A/B test.

9. Custom Call-To-Action

Another perk of running ads on Facebook is that you get to use custom Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons. By adding CTAs to your Facebook page, you will encourage people to take action. As simple as that sounds, it can make a significant difference in ad performance, amounting to a higher click-through rate and, in turn, higher conversion rates, too.

Currently, Facebook offers the following CTA buttons:
• Book Now
• Contact Us
• Sign Up
• Call Now
• Send Message
• Download
• Learn More
• Watch Video
• Play Game
• Use App
• Shop Now
• See Offers

10. Facebook & Instagram Combo

Let’s not forget that Facebook and Instagram are connected – as in, Instagram ads can be fully integrated with Facebook ad campaigns through the Ads Manager. You can reap all the benefits of Facebook advertising we discussed already, such as micro-targeting and campaign customization options, along with Instagram’s high engagement rates.

In Conclusion

If you were on the fence about Facebook ads, we hope this article has helped sway your opinion. The benefits of Facebook ads for your business are undeniable. Throwing them in the mix can effectively achieve full-funnel targeting and boost your other marketing efforts, like email marketing, organic social media, and SEO.

If you’re looking to get into Facebook advertising, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team will be happy to assist you along the way!

If you’re looking to get into Facebook advertising, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team will be happy to assist you along the way!