Introducing Price Schools’ Merch Store!

+ Introducing Price Schools’ Merch Store!


Writer: Scott Cassidy

black backroud white dots and estudents images

This past week, Price Schools launched its school pride merchandise shop! Take a look!

In the fall of 2019, Pastilla proposed that we design and produce school merchandise and apparel to help spread school spirit among the students, their families, and their community at large.

The new merchandise and apparel will not only help promote the school, but also work as a fundraising avenue for Price. With a batch of fresh designs across a variety of products, students and their families now have the opportunity to support Price by sporting their new merch.

While the former merchandise was designed well and made with great material, it hadn’t been updated in a while, and the designs and merchandise didn’t offer much variety. So we created 4 brand new designs for the school.

Collage of four logos in white, green and dark blue color
Price logo tote mockup
Price logo tshirt mockup
Price logo backpack mockup
withe bottle mockup with price logo

The merchandise is set up to be Printed On Demand (POD), meaning that the school doesn’t need to retain and distribute any of the merchandise themselves, nor do they need to pre-pay on any overhead for the promotional items. As the customer places an order through the shop website, a percentage of the cost goes directly to Price Schools, while the POD service gets the remaining share in order to print and ship the merch directly to the buyer.

The store hit a major hiccup when we were about to launch the site in March, due to Coronavirus. Our POD vendor closed their print shops, making it impossible to sell any of the school’s new products. We agreed at that time to delay the announcement of the store until we could guarantee that the products would be printed and delivered in a timely manner. This kind of flexibility for a small private school like Price is exactly why we recommend POD. With POD services back online and ready to ship, the school announced its new store to the student body.

We designed this store to both support the student body and open a new fundraising stream for Price Schools’ operations and programs. The shop functions on its own with little-to-no overhead, which is a key benefit for their staff’s on-demand time. We look forward to creating new designs for Price and broadening the merchandise for their new store in the future.

Congratulations on the store launch, Price!