Recent SEO Trends to Optimize For

+ Recent SEO Trends to Optimize For
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Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing beast. 10 years ago, SEO meant a whole different type of workload for the specialists than it does today.

As is really the case with any variety of marketing tactics; Anyone who markets their business online needs to continually learn how to shift and modify their campaigns so they remain in sync with public demand. In this fast-paced business world, to keep your business at the forefront, it’s necessary to stay on top of all the recent changes and what they mean for your future success.

As SEO morphs and grows with each passing Google algorithm update, its importance also increases. The ongoing success of your business may lie in incorporating response tactics to the latest SEO trends. So, let’s see which trends are… trending… in 2019.

Optimizing for User Intent

Anyone who has launched an online campaign knows the importance of using the right keywords. However, fine-tuning your strategies goes beyond just having a list of words that might bring a customer to your site. It’s about choosing words that will deliver on the customer’s expectations. This type of optimization can help the customer get a clearer picture of what your business offers so they can make a more informed choice.

Intent Optimization goes a bit further than a customer typing in a keyword or phrase in their search engine. Consumers can now take advantage of a voice search program where they verbally state what they are looking for in more specific terms.

This new form of search will become increasingly more valuable to your business. It will not only save time for the consumer but will cut out much of the search time so they can find the right businesses quicker.

Consumers can now take advantage of a voice search program where they verbally state what they are looking for.


Microformats are actually HTML pattern codes that provide additional information about your website. As a search engine learns more about a site, the easier it is to rank it accurately. So, if a business is capable of giving a clear and trustworthy description about their site, they will generally be rewarded with a higher ranking.

This trend is also more attractive to a potential customer because they no longer have to waste time being directed to sites that are of no use to them. Businesses benefit because they will be getting more clicks, and a higher return on investment – KA-CHING!

With the right microformats, the search engines will know exactly what your content says about your site. The additional information can make your site more appealing, like hours of operation, or a physical location where consumers can come to visit you in person. Simple information like this can be all that is needed to set your business apart from your competitors.

Mobile Optimization

Optimizing your website for mobile devices is in higher and higher demand all the time. Every day, consumers are relying more and more on their smaller portable devices to keep up with their lives. They want the freedom to contact a business from anywhere, at the drop of a hat.

Take it seriously: Google is releasing a mobile index this year (2019), so this is an essential new feature that every business should be planning for. This means that with indexing, Google’s search engine will look at your website’s mobile platform first before deciding where you will be placed in the SERPs, so having a website that is more mobile friendly will ensure that your ranking will be higher than if you only focused on desktop optimizations.

Bottom line, the new SEO trends are going to change the face of online marketing in major ways and the company that keeps up with these new demands will fare much better than the one who is looking to maintain the status quo. Now, more than ever before, consumers are looking for ways to find what they want in an easier and more practical way. They no longer need to return home to fire up their computer to find what they need. They are on the go, so the business that can keep up with the trends will win in the end.