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+ Daniel Kremsa

Co Founder & Chief Operating Officer

A silicon beach implant with a rich history in mar-tech and a strong drive to solve ever-changing business and operational challenges. Two decades of digital agency leadership, high-performance team building, sustainable business strategy, effective marketing automation, and successful product development. A visionary embracing balance of technology and purpose.

At age 16 Dan followed his family from the recently overthrown communistic regime in Czechoslovakia to California. He discovered his passion for digital design and animation turning it to a full-time job as a graphic designer to pay for his education and living expenses. By 23 he founded his 1st digital agency and grew it to 20 employees with $2M revenue. In 2018 he merged Kremsa Digital with Pastilla Institute to form Pastilla Agency. In the few years, Pastilla won a number of digital awards and is on the way to their best year ever.

Fun Facts
- He envisioned and created xComm, a server-side communication platform that integrated with multiple popular messanges and powered multiplayer games.
- He built the biggest Facebook poll app (until Facebook created their own - and killed it).
- He loves exploring the world by seas and roads.
- He strongly believes in teal org structures.

A visionary embracing balance of technology and purpose. A leader with the ability to enable his team to make the right decisions autonomously. An explorer of new technologies and processes.