+ Daniel Kremsa

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Dan is Pastilla’s Co-Founder & COO, ensuring efficient, professional, unified, and profitable operations. As a digital agency leader committed to solving ever-changing business and operational challenges, he has been developing successful products and services for two decades. His experience includes leading high-performance teams, developing sustainable business strategies, automating marketing processes, and leading successful product development teams.

After moving to California from the recently overthrown communist Czechoslovakia when he was 16, Dan turned his passion for digital design and animation into a full-time job. By age 23, he founded his first digital agency, Kremsa Digital, and grew it to 20 employees with $2M in revenue. In 2018, he merged Kremsa Digital with Pastilla Institute to form Pastilla. Dan enjoys exploring the world by sea and land in his free time and taking photos and videos of his adventures.

A visionary embracing balance of technology and purpose. A leader with the ability to enable his team to make the right decisions autonomously. An explorer of new technologies and processes.