Veronika Bošková Receives LEVEL C Brand Strategist Certification

+ Veronika Bošková Receives LEVEL C Brand Strategist Certification


Writer: Dejan Kvrgic

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Our team of experts is our agency’s biggest advantage. That’s why we’re always beyond proud to see them furthering their knowledge – just like Veronika did when she took the Level C Brand Strategist Masterclass and became one of the handfuls of industry experts with this prestigious certification.

Veronika Bošková has spent the entirety of her professional life working in the marketing industry, be it as part of an agency or directly with clients. Over the years, her impressive portfolio grew to include big-name brands such as PwC, Wienerberger, Forbes, and Ford (Summit Motors Bratislava). 

She helps brands create their unique selling point (USP), set up a marketing strategy, identify their ideal customer, and create a memorable visual identity. And, as part of her marketing consulting, she helped dozens of projects and companies grasp their brand and point it in the right direction.

If Veronika’s professional achievements prove anything, it’s that she firmly believes that there is always room for progress and continual improvement – especially in the fast-paced realm of digital marketing. She continues to strive for progress, proving that there’s always more one can learn and discover. 

Keeping up with trends and shifts in the industry is what allows us to stay at the top of our game. 

That progress-oriented mindset can be seen in Veronika’s career advancements: 

Over the years, she grew and worked her way from a copywriter to a marketing specialist and project manager – and she didn’t stop there. 

As of right now, around 500 people worldwide have the title of a Level C Certified Brand Specialist or Brand Strategist. And Pastilla’s own Veronika Bošková is one of them. 

In fact, she is currently the only Level C Certified Brand Strategist in Slovakia. 

Veronika Bošková Receives LEVEL C Brand Strategist Certification

When asked about the most notable takeaways from the Brand Strategist Masterclass, Veronika says: 

I learned the core principles of branding, strategy, and innovation and realized how important differentiation and focus on customers are. I learned how to dig deeper into the brand itself, to find out what is the essence of it – and how to communicate it to the customers.

Veronika goes on to note that this Masterclass proved incredibly beneficial in more ways than one, going beyond the certificate itself. She was thrilled to have this opportunity to learn directly from Marty Neumeier – her icon, as she admittedly called him. Veronika has admired his wisdom and expertise in all things branding-related for years now. 

And for her, just being able to talk to him, learn from him, and get his feedback was, in itself, an incredibly valuable lesson. 

She believes that by completing this Masterclass, she now has a full set of skills required to help brands achieve their full potential. Or, as she would put it: 

I have the methodology and the tools to understand them and navigate the company to build and develop their brand.

About Brand Strategist Level C Certification 

The Level C Brand Strategist Certification is currently the only professional certified masterclass in branding that has been developed by the “Godfather of Branding” himself – Marty Neumeier – and his business partner, Andy Starr.

Marty Neumeier is an internationally recognized author, designer, and brand adviser committed to introducing the principles and processes of design to business. He’s changed the world of business through his series of “whiteboard” books. Andy Starr, the other instructor, is an award-winning Brand Architect who has a background in finance and branding and enjoys exploring the intersection of brand, business, and education. 

The Masterclass is designed for brand specialists who want to master brand frameworks, take their strategic talents to the next level, and, overall, get ahead of the branding game. 

You can learn more about the Level C Brand Strategist Certification here and here. 

The Brand Strategist certification is still young; there are currently around 500 people in the world that earned it. That’s one more reason for Pastilla to be proud to announce that Veronika Bošková, a member of our team, is one of them. 

Pastilla invites you to join us in congratulating Veronika in taking this step in improving her skill set and advancing her career even further. We’re excited to see how she will apply this knowledge to help our clients get ahead of their competition. 

Here’s to professional growth and keeping up with trends!