+ Zuzana Nash

Managing Director

Pastilla's Managing Director, Zuzana ZZ Nash, has over a decade of experience managing web-development projects. She began her career at Kremsa Digital as a junior marketing executive manager but found her passion in technical project management. ZZ has contributed to numerous projects as Tech PM, overseeing the development of websites and mobile apps, from strategic planning and blueprinting to the final release. Apart from her primary role, she supports the Ops team, defines work processes, and participates in hiring, training, and onboarding efforts. ZZ has worked on many Pastilla projects, including myLAB Box, Clean Power Alliance, Amoeba, HeyDriver by MOSS, BigWave by Warner Pacific, CrenT, 8Biomed by MTA, Hot Wheels, and more.

She enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, and eating good food when she's not working. She was a lead singer and guitarist in a band during her university days and holds a purple belt in American Kenpo Karate.