Face photo of a woman looking into the camera

+ Zuzana Nash

Managing Director

Zuzana, with 13+ years of experience in technical project management has had the privilege to work on multiple transformative projects of different sizes, including mobile applications, both Android & iOS, websites, e-commerce, and web-applications. After the merger of Kremsa Digital and Pastilla Institute of Design, Zuzana continued working on her previous position of technical project manager under the new merged company.

Working closely with the clients she goes above and beyond the standard project management, leading and assisting the strategic and development teams to design the best solution for the clients. Her personal focus as a project manager is to provide clear and transparent communication with client and other involved parties, assist clients to navigate towards their best potentials and create an environment for talents to maximize their skills on the projects.

Zuzana is independent, detail oriented, analytical, organized, communicative and goal-oriented.