9 Influencer Marketing Platforms For Lifestyle Brands

+ 9 Influencer Marketing Platforms For Lifestyle Brands


Writer: Dejan Kvrgic

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Although web accessibility has long been an issue, the COVID-19 outbreak brought to light the importance of digital inclusion – and ADA compliance is still a burning question in 2021.

But this method can be slow and time-consuming. In order to develop, execute, and manage influencer marketing campaigns more effectively, brands are turning to third-party platforms that aim to make all aspects of working with influencers more straightforward.

The third-party influencer marketing platforms discussed below are designed to assist lifestyle brands in identifying potential influencers in appropriate niches and leveling up their digital performance through successful marketing campaigns.

Before we get to the actual influencer marketing platforms, here are a few terms to keep in mind:

  • Influencer Payout Range – This represents the average amount of money brands pay influencers to complete marketing campaigns on the designated platform.
  • Details of Payouts – This indicates whether or not payment amounts are negotiable (based on an influencer’s rates) or non-negotiable (a fixed amount determined by the brand).

Here’s a list of the leading influencer marketing platforms that lifestyle brands should consider.

  • Social Native
    About the Platform: Social Native is a marketplace technology company that connects brands with content creators to bring high-performing creative options to the forefront of brand advertising, with greater speed & lower costs.
    Influencer Payout Range: $100 – $1200 per campaign
    Details of Payouts: Amounts are fixed by brand and are non-negotiable.
  • Cohley
    About the Platform: Cohley is a content platform focusing on influencer marketing, visual asset creation, and text review generation to streamline content generation and increase brand engagement and awareness.
    Influencer Payout Range: $100 – $500 per campaign, or product exchange only
    Details of Payouts: Amounts are fixed by brand and non-negotiable, meaning influencers have to agree to complete requested deliverables for a proposed amount.
  • Aspire IQ
    About the Platform: AspireIQ is the leading influencer marketing platform, helping the next generation of e-commerce brands scale.
    Influencer Payout Range: Mix of product-only exchanges and payouts provided by influencers based on their following and engagement.
    Details of Payouts: Amounts are set by influencers and are negotiable between the brand and the influencer.
  • CleverIG
    About the Platform: CLEVER connects social media influencers with the brands they love. Influencers share their experiences online on almost all social platforms in paid campaigns.
    Influencer Payout Range: Rates range based on influencer reach, following, impressions.
    Details of Payouts: Influencers are asked to connect their social media pages to gather metrics and are provided with a chart that recommends rates for each service. Influencers then fill out application forms for campaigns and provide their rates, brands can negotiate before accepting an influencer into a campaign.
  • Mavrck
    About the Platform: The Mavrck Influencer Marketing Platform provides end-to-end relationship management, workflow automation, and measurement for integrated influencer, advocacy, and lifestyle/product campaigns.
    Influencer Payout Range: Mixture of fixed payouts set by brand and rates that are set and agreed upon by both brand and influencer. Product only exchanges are rare but also an option.
    Details of Payouts: The payout rate for certain campaigns are non-negotiable, while others request influencers to propose rates based on deliverables requested as well as their engagement numbers.
  • Creator.Co
    About the Platform: Creator Co. helps establish connections between influencers and brands that kick off long-term relationships and significant income for both parties.
    Influencer Pay Out Range: $150-$700
    Details of Payouts: Payment rates are fixed by the brand based on budget and requested deliverables. Influencers are invited to campaigns and can “opt in” if they are interested in applying, and are then reviewed by the brand and chosen for final participation.
  • Activate
    About the Platform: Activate is an end to end influencer technology with discovery, workflow, relationship management, measurement, and a database of 150k+ influencers.
    Influencer Payout Range: Mixture of fixed payouts and payouts that are set by influencers
    Details of Payouts: For some campaigns, influencers are asked to provide rates to the brand for specific services. Other campaigns have a payment that is set by the brand and is non negotiable.
  • #Paid
    About the Platform: #Paid allows brands to match up with creators, launch campaigns, and run creator whitelisting all in one platform.
    Influencer Payout Range: Payments are based on influencers engagement and following
    Details of Payouts: Influencers connect their social channels to the platform and their metrics are measured. Based on this, the influencer is provided with an estimate of how much they should charge for their services when applying for campaigns. Rates are proposed by influencers and are negotiable between brand/influencers.
  • Octoly
    About the Platform: Octoly is a platform that connects brands with their community of influencers to create authentic and engaging content. Brands choose what products they want to promote, their target audience, and Cohley does the rest.
    Influencer Payout Range: Product exchanges only (influencers never gets paid)
    Details of Payouts: The product would be listed on the Octoly website, and interested influencers would apply to receive the product in exchange for either IG stories or an IG post. Brands provide posting requirements such as hashtags and handles, and influencers must complete deliverables within 30 days of receiving the product.

Influencer marketing platforms can successfully bridge the gap between lifestyle brands and content creators. The question here is, is your brand ready to unlock the full potential behind influencer marketing campaigns?

Have you determined your goals, developed audience personas, and decided how you want to present your brand, both in terms of tone of voice and actual messaging? There’s a lot you need to handle before you can pitch your brand and partner up with an influencer.

Reach out to Pastilla today – and let’s work together on developing the best strategy for your brand!