Pinterest As A Marketing Driver - Why Do You Need It?

+ Pinterest As A Marketing Driver – Why Do You Need It?

When you think about Pinterest, you probably think about sharing and organizing new ideas and finding inspiration for anything and everything through stunning visuals.

The platform has always been the go-to inspiration hub. But Pinterest should no longer be viewed as just another social network. It has become a visual search engine, a unique way to market your business, and a productivity tool of sorts – and now, in 2022, it’s finally time to look at how you can start using Pinterest for business. Not sure about the whole “Pinterest as a marketing driver” thing? Continue scrolling, and we’ll tell you more about it. 

Using Pinterest For Marketing: A Brief Introduction 

It’s understandable that when you hear the phrase “social media marketing,” your brain instantly goes to Facebook and Instagram. Pinterest, as you’re likely already aware, is regarded as a platform where people will typically go to share some ideas, collect visuals, and get inspired by others. You’d use Pinterest to plan your vacation or get some home decor inspo – but marketing? Not so much, huh? 

But as underrated as it may be, Pinterest marketing is, indeed, a thing. Here’s something to keep in mind: Pinterest has a pretty unique user base, and it’s focused on creativity and aesthetics. And at the same time, it’s not as saturated in competition – unlike other social platforms. It may just be what your business needs to break the rut. Why wouldn’t you use that to your advantage and turn Pinterest into another one of your brand’s marketing channels? 

Using Pinterest as a marketing driver can prove beneficial in many ways, including: 

  • Reaching new audiences and growing your brand’s online presence in general 
  • Engaging with new – and existing – customers on a platform they already use to discover new ideas and products 
  • Getting more inbound links through users’ Pins 
  • Making your products and services easily discoverable – and driving more traffic to your website 
  • Converting leads into customers at a much faster rate 
  • Building – and reinforcing – your brand image and increasing brand authority

When we put it like that, making Pinterest a part of your social media marketing strategy doesn’t sound that bad, does it? 

Pinterest Stats To Keep An Eye On In 2022 

The thing is, Pinterest doesn’t always get its due credit – especially if directly compared to other social media platforms. It’s long been regarded as one of the lesser-known social networks that lived in Instagram’s shadow and didn’t generate the same buzz that TikTok does these days. That is why it’s important for you to start seeing it as the marketing goldmine that it can be, thanks to its one-of-a-kind user base. So, we’ve done some digging and put together a list of some crucial up-to-date stats you should definitely pay attention to in 2022. These numbers will hopefully help you see Pinterest for what it really is: A unique opportunity to inspire your target audiences – and showcase your products or services. 

With that said, here are some Pinterest-related stats that matter in 2022: 

  • Pinterest experienced a considerable spike in the number of users in 2020 – with a 37% year-over-year increase in 2021. In 2022, the number of active monthly users settled at 431 million. 
  • Pinterest and Instagram have the most significant audience overlap of all social media – with 86.2% of Pinterest users also using Instagram. 
  • According to reports from January 2022, Pinterest’s advertising reach has hit 226 million users, with more countries added to the platform’s ad targeting portfolio. 
  • Up to 75% of Pinterest users admit they’re always shopping for something, while 85% of them report that they use Pinterest when planning a new project at the early stages of a purchase decision. 
  • A staggering 97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded, meaning they’re still at the early stages of the decision-making process – and open to discovering new products. 

Getting Started With Pinterest Marketing: The Basics 

Okay, we’ve covered a few key reasons why you should consider giving Pinterest a shot as your new marketing channel. But the story doesn’t end there. How can you actually leverage this platform to achieve everything we’ve mentioned – and boost your business’s bottom line? Here are some tips on how your business can start using Pinterest – and incorporate it into your other marketing efforts: 

  • Start with a Pinterest marketing strategy. You don’t want to jump straight into this with your eyes closed and hope for the best. Besides, you probably wouldn’t do that with any other social media channel. So, why should Pinterest be any different? So, instead, start by putting together a Pinterest-specific social media marketing strategy that outlines your goals, Pinterest’s general demographic and your target audience, your competitors – and your social media content calendar. 
  • Keep things fresh and engaging. Pinterest’s algorithm typically prefers fresh content – as in, content that has never been posted on the platform before. So, in order to remain relevant and successful on the platform, you should make it a point to maintain a steady flow of new, high-quality content. Trust us; consistency is half the battle when it comes to Pinterest. 
  • Invest in high-quality visuals. Pinterest is all about visual content, after all. With that in mind, it makes sense that you should only share high-quality, eye-catching images. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with different formats, such as short videos and Carousels – and always make sure that the images you share are mobile-friendly. 
  • Don’t overlook keywords and optimization. You can incorporate relevant keywords in your profile, Pin descriptions, and board titles and descriptions, among other things. And while we’re at it, you can use hashtags, as well – another great way to make your content search-friendly and increase the likelihood of getting discovered. 
  • Remember to showcase your brand. Yes, you should still strive to post fresh, valuable content – but don’t forget to “remind” others who created it in the first place. Whenever it makes sense, try to incorporate your logo into your Pins. 

It’s Time To Start Marketing On Pinterest 

Pinterest is no longer just a social network people turn to when they need some new ideas and inspiration – and it’s about time you stop viewing it as such.  It’s a powerful marketing tool – and one that makes it possible to organically boost your brand’s awareness, spark interest in your products, drive conversions, and increase sales. If you haven’t already, consider creating a business account on Pinterest. Not sure where to start with Pinterest marketing?
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