+ Generation Zapped

Title Sequences About the Effects of Wireless Technology

Our roles


GENERATION ZAPPED is a documentary film presenting the potential risks of prolonged exposure to radio frequencies and widespread wifi radiation to our health and well-being.

Pastilla designed the title sequence and animation for the film implementing texture, vibrant yellow icons, and childlike illustrative designs to communicate this socially impactful subject matter. The sequence takes us through a “virtual universe” of wireless technology evoking the films tone within a multidimensional space.

Hidden within the title illustrations are hints to the films messaging from a radio frequency antenna to a cloud of wifi signals.


To communicate a sensitive topic in a creative and digestible manner alongside illustrating radioactivity in visual language.


Using bright, friendly colors with childlike illustrations that supported the films premiere status and festival circuit.

5G technologies diagram
Diagram showing two people in the office
Generation zapped billboard on a bus stop