How to Use Twitter in Today’s World

+ How to Use Twitter in Today’s World
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There is nothing more powerful to a marketer than social media. The vast number of customers you can connect to with a little ingenuity in social media is impressive to say the least.

A savvy marketer who is skillful at tapping into this type of platform can literally catapult their business into the mainstream with relative ease. One of the most instrumental social media platforms that many businesses turn to is Twitter. While other platforms are well connected, it seems that Twitter actually has its finger on the pulse of the global marketplace. If you’re looking to market your business to a wider range of people, it pays to learn everything you can about how to use Twitter to your advantage. All you need is to learn a few practical tips and you could be well on your way to getting your business connected to the largest target audience possible.

Unlimited Potential

This ability to analyze data that flows freely through Twitter’s channels is only the tip of the iceberg. Every day, forward-thinking businesses are learning that predicting software is not only costly but difficult to analyze. However, by tapping into what Twitter users are tweeting every day (approximately 6,000 tweets a minute) an effective marketer can get ahead of the game and obtain valuable data that can prove to be invaluable to their success.

Twitter stands out as uniquely different from all other social media platforms. While LinkedIn has the largest database of professionals in the world and Facebook has more activity and information passing through it every day, Twitter’s ability to deliver quality data in real-time far exceeds any of the other platforms.


…by tapping into what Twitter users are tweeting every day an effective marketer can get ahead of the game and obtain valuable data…


Tap Into Its Tracking Capabilities

As recent as last year Twitter put its tracking algorithms in effect. Working with the USGS, they were able to track earthquakes simply by tracking the number of times and locations where their users tweeted the term ‘earthquake’ within some very specific parameters. The result was the ability to track seismic activity all around the world. The result of this method was an impressively accurate measuring system that was much better than any previous system they had used before
While tracking earthquakes may not mean much to your business, this success is an indication of what Twitter can do in helping you to market your products. Twitter’s ability to predict future activity can be equally impressive. Currently, researchers are working to develop a system that will integrate the same tracking data from Twitter into a reporting algorithm that will help to predict consumer behavior before it happens.

When you consider how many people use Twitter, you can understand why this can be so valuable to your business. With more than 320 million users providing a steady stream of data on just about every activity going on in the world, their ability to identify trends and predict future behavior far supersedes any other social media platform being used today. Through this one tool alone, business marketers will be able to anticipate how a consumer will react to a new product, analyze every aspect of customer-relations including delivery times, customer satisfaction, and even anticipate potential problems.

Use it or lose it

Of course, many people are not really sure and may be wondering exactly what is Twitter used for. They see Twitter only as an entertainment channel where you can quickly pick up on the latest gossip or find out what your favorite superstars are up to. However, it is a platform that goes well beyond getting into everyone else’s business. Taking advantage of the massive amounts of data collected, your business will be able to be kept up to date on everything that’s happening. You’ll know when customer interest is peaking and when it is shifting. Imagine what this type of knowledge can do for your business.

So, up until now, you may have only thought of Twitter as a way to get the latest gossip or follow a stream of unrelated events as they unfold; by taking a broader look at the platform you can use it to catapult your business into the stratosphere. It is a means of tracking just about anything and everything that is going on around the world. Using Twitter correctly will definitely put you in the know, so whatever data you need to successfully market your business, you can be sure that you will have access to it. Now that you know and understand that, you can start to use this amazing resource in an entirely different way.