Pastilla is Proud to Partner with Clutch

+ Pastilla is Proud to Partner with Clutch
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We’ve partnered with Clutch, a B2B reviews platform, to prove ourselves as a top-notch creative and marketing agency with numerous projects under our belt.

Clutch uses objective client feedback combined with data-driven methodology to determine leading service providers across industries. It includes company lists as well as news and insights in its sister site, The Manifest.

We just received our first Clutch review from Frederick K.C. Price III Christian Schools — Price Schools, for short.

Price Schools is a college preparatory K-12 school and one of the last remaining Christian private schools within South Los Angeles. After 30+ years of successfully educating students with many attending prestigious universities, Price was on the brink of closing its doors.

Pastilla partnered with Price by launching a digital marketing campaign, a first for the school, filmed a compelling promotional film and core messaging with the schools 100% graduation rate and 100% college acceptance rate. We gathered data, learned from it, optimized, and implemented a CRM process to optimize the schools admissions process with a 3-year enrollment goal. In Spring, Pastilla launched a full blitz campaign from radio ads, postcards, and a music video led by the entire student body at Price.

The results were successful allowing Price to reach its 3-year enrollment goal in the very first year.

“We keep retaining Pastilla because they’re a one-stop-shop—it’s great to have one firm that handles it all.”

– Lauren Hopkins, a development coordinator for Price Schools.

“Each person has a different skill set, whether it’s the creative work, marketing strategy, or managing efforts. It’s nice that I don’t have to go to multiple companies for all the services we need.”

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