+ BRC Imagination Arts

Defining a Digital Presence for BRC Imagination Arts


BRC Imagination Arts is a full-service, strategic design and production company that translates brand and cultural stories into transformative, human experiences. Their unique works have won them 400+ awards for some of the most respected and acclaimed destinations in the world.

Upon their 40th anniversary, Pastilla came in to translate their immersive brand onto the web. Taking inspiration from their new logo and colors, as well as their inspiring legacy, we worked with the client to unlock what the brand should look like online.

Pastilla went on to deliver a dynamic, ownable CMS platform – fully customizable to offer a highly curated user experience much like the story-led tours BRC builds for high-end brands.

The new site welcomes visitors into a unique discovery process to search and filter BRC work, as well as find projects “near me,” from Nashville to the Netherlands, with a live map view.

With BRC’s impressive list of work ever-evolving, a unique tagging system helps content go the extra mile to offer thoughtful expertise. It was also important to empower BRC to be in the driver’s seat. The client is able to build and make structural changes to the website easily. 

Within a year, the new site is already making an impression. The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts awarded a Gold w3 Award for Best Homepage Design. We are proud to be part of BRC’s next 40 years of creativity, and are excited to see where they go from here.